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Water damage is a common problem faced by several homes today. When moisture is left in the house for a long time, it can be destructive in several ways. To prevent your building from any structural damage and your family from several health risks, prompt actions need to be taken for remediation.

No matter the kind of water intrusion you experience in your home, it should be attended to promptly with all seriousness. If your home or business is affected by water ingression, the primary step to take is how to restore your building to normal. From a professional point of view, floods and sewer backups  should be carried out within 48 hours after the disaster to minimize any form of destruction it may cause to your building.

What is Water damage remediation?

Remediation in {{mpg_city}} is the process of using specialized services to extract water from your home or business and restore it to its pre-damaged state. With prompt restoration, you should be able to enjoy your home just the way it was before the water intrusion. A lot of homes that have been affected by water ingression have never remained the same because people fail to acknowledge the importance of water restitution.

If you are experiencing flood damage in your home for the first time, it is normal for you to feel daunted. However, you shouldn’t let the panic hold you back from seeking help from professionals to remedy the situation. The more time you take to call for a clean-up, the more complicated the damaging effect becomes, and the longer it takes for professionals to happen. Therefore, taking prompt action means you won’t suffer too much effect from the intrusion and the cost of remediation won’t be high.

Unfortunately, most people underestimate the power of water. Apart from causing structural damages to homes, it takes a short time for it to become stagnant and breed bacteria and mold that can lead to chronic respiratory disorder and other health challenges.

Common causes

Water damage in homes or offices can be caused by different factors – from faulty appliances to leaking pipes. Whichever the case may be, it is crucial to identify potential water damage causes and call a professional to check them on time before the intrusion.

Below are 5 common causes of water ingression in homes or offices:

  • Plumbing Problems

It is quite hard to detect plumbing issues in the home because most of the pipes are buried inside the wall. What you need to do is to take note of things like leaky tub and shower, dripping faucets, and or overflowing toilets.

  • Burst Pipes

Burst pipes remain the common cause of water damage in homes or offices. Different reasons could lead to leaky pipes – it could be temperature changes, uncontrolled water pressure, uninsulated pipes, and general breakdown of old pipes.

  • HVAC Units

Lack of proper routine maintenance of your air conditioner could lead to moisture accumulation which in turn would cause a leak. The dampness that comes with the leakage can lead to the breeding of mildew and mold, which are risk factors for your health.

  • Sewage Backups

Sewage backups are a very serious issue that requires the prompt attention of professional water cleanup services. In some cases, the sewer systems struggle to accommodate the volume of water caused by storms or heavy rains. It could also be that the major sewer lines have issues that are preventing them from transporting wastewater away. When any of these happens, it causes sewage backup into your building through toilets, sinks, and floor drains.

  • Worn Out Household Appliances

The two common household appliances that can cause water damage at home are washing machines and hot water tanks. This happens when the hoses are weak and the pipes are cracked. Apart from these two appliances, other things like the dishwasher and refrigerator are also prone to leaks and deterioration.

Apart from these 5 major causes of water damage, other causes include toilets overflows, clogged gutters, etc. To reduce the structural effect and health complications that come with water damage at home, you need the professional services of Water Damage Restoration Today’s technicians.

Steps to Take

When you experience water damage in your home or office, you need to take some steps in dealing with the problem. Below are what you need to do:

  1. Contact your {{mpg_province_name}} insurance company

This depends on the policies you have with your insurance company. The insurance company will need to assess the water damage and determine whether it is included in the agreement signed. When water damage happens, take as many photos as possible and document the worth of items you could think of. This will help the insurance company to assess and determine the loss in your home.

  • Try to keep your family and other valuables safe

When you experience any home disaster like sewer back ups or flooding, the first thing you need to do is make sure your family and yourself are safe. Thereafter, you should check for other appliances and valuables you can lay your hands to save. In such a situation, there are different ways to stay safe in your home. They include:

  • Turn off the power
  • Put on protective gear
  • Protect things that are special to you.



  • Begin the repairs immediately

Don’t waste unnecessary time whining about what has happened in your home. Yes, while this can be demoralizing, wasting more time could even make the process more complicated. Damage repair caused by water needs professional hands to handle the situation. While DIY is a good thing, some services require technical abilities to handle. If you lack the experience needed in repairs, you may harm yourself while trying to do it because sharp objects could be littered in the place. Water Damage Restoration Today in {{mpg_province_name}} is always available to help solve any water damage in your home or office.

  • Decide what you need to restore

Unfortunately, when water intrusion happens, it might lead to some destruction in your home. However, as long as no life is affected, you shouldn’t dwell too much on some of the damages caused. Simply assess your home and decide what needs to be restored.

  • Plan to move back into your {{mpg_city}} home

After all corrective measures have been taken, you should start planning on moving back into your home. When is the best time to move back in? Once your home is cleaned, dried, and free from mold, you will get a go-ahead from your insurance company, the cleaning service you used, and your local government. At this time, your home is ready to be inhabited and free from any health risks.

When to call for service

The best time to call a professional cleaning service to fix the damage is within 24 hours to 48 hours after the incident! This can’t be stressed enough. There is no need to delay whatsoever if your home is invaded by water. Get in touch with a professional cleaning company so that the remediation process can start immediately. The more you delay in contacting a professional service, the more structural and health damage your home would be susceptible to.

Water Damage Restoration Today in {{mpg_city}} is a trusted company with years of operation you can count on when it comes to fixing water damage in homes or offices.

Steps involved in remediation

Below are 5 steps a professional cleaning company will take in restoring your home after damage:

  • Inspection & Evaluation

Remediation professionals will need to visit your home to make a comprehensive assessment of the situation. Sophisticated equipment such as moisture detectors and hygrometers are used to get a clue of the degree of the water damage and what needs to be done to fix it. It is a technical situation that requires technical abilities from experts.

  • Extraction

After inspection and assessment, the next thing to do is to start the water removal process of standing water. Since the standing water can cause more damage if left unattended, it is paramount that the extraction process starts immediately.

  • Drying and Dehumidifying

After the liquid extraction from your building, next in the cleanup sequence is the drying and dehumidification processes. Restoration companies begin to use industrial-quality dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out any substance that still has moisture in them or was difficult to handle during the extraction process.

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

Professional cleaning and sanitizing are required in a home remediation project. While this is going on, restoration companies try as much as possible to preserve your personal property. Cleaning should always be handled by experts that possess safety and sanitizing requirements.

  • Final restoration

This is when cleaning professionals restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. At this point, your home becomes livable and free from any structural and health risks.

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Our Services

In the case of your home seeing water leakage or flooding from an unknown source, the professional team will readily detect the source and stop it. Usually, homes face problems with standing water – the source which can sometimes be difficult to trace. Our technicians are trained in using equipment that can easily pinpoint the exact location where leaks are originating from.

Once all water leaks have been stopped, professionals proceed to classify the type of water contamination you’re facing. According to industrial specifications, there are 3 categorizations of water contamination:


White water indicates clean, usable water that usually comes in from the water supply line as opposed to the outgoing water (gray and white).


Although gray water has not come into contact with waste matter, it can still be a source of toxic substances. It is typically outgoing water that contains soaps, grease and hair due to being released from the kitchen sinks and bathrubs.


Technically black water signifies that it has been contaminated with fecal matter. Fecal waste typically harbors harmful bacteria and pathogens. It is a major source of dangerous diseases.

When experts know what kind of contamination they’re dealing with, they’re able to determine an appropriate treatment to administer. This is useful as it helps avoid the use of strong chemicals unnecessarily.

Professionals are equipped with top grade water removal machines that enable a quick and thorough extraction of water from your home. Powerful pumps mounted to trucks can vacuum thousands of containers of water. The natural drying time is significantly reduced when water is efficiently removed using industrial grade equipment, This also minimizes the duration the household items are exposed to water for.

Professionals also have moisture detectors that help them determine how much drying is still needed as water is not always visible to the eye. In fact, they may also use infrared cameras to detect hidden spots that can be holding water.

After a heavy duty water removal process is completed, the dehumidification process is carried out. This step is an extension of the water extraction process itself as materials, like drywall, carpets, and wood are porous and can retain a certain amount of water deep within. So even when the surface may appear dry, the hidden water in the fibers of the carpet and drywall can hold water and significant moisture. If water is allowed to stay, the materials become prone to mold growth. They can also lose their structural properties by swelling up and breaking (a very common scenario for water damage walls).

Industrial-grade dehumidifiers are designed to suppress secondary problems like fiber saturation from taking root. Moreover, professionals also have speedy air movers that intercept high moisture levels in walls, carpets, and furniture and speed up their evaporation. They can keep track of the progress they’re making by observing moisture meter readings. This helps make sure the correct moisture and humidity levels are achieved.

Professionals also manage sanitizing your home/office and the belongings contained within using advanced treatments. They take the time to carefully sanitize your upholstery, clothing, furniture and other items. Proper sanitation helps with odor elimination, making sure your air quality is kept to high standards. Some odors are very persistent and do not seem to go away even after proper disinfecting. Professionals can tackle this problem by using air scrubbers that remove strong and offensive smells.

There are many different washing methods such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning-, abrasive and immersion cleaning etc. Each way includes techniques and solutions that cater to different materials. Depending on the type of damage, items like carpets can be treated with antimicrobial treatments. This is typically used to eliminate microorganisms, while antibacterial treatments are for nominal bacterial contamination.

Final restoration refers to the last and final part of the water damage restoration process. This ensures your residential and commercial properties have properly been treated and can be restored to its original setting. The process involves assessing if the furniture and other household items need replacement. Usually after effective treatment furniture and other belongings can be restored. The next step is to employ minor and major repairs such as drywall patching and concrete reconstruction. The professional team can also install new carpets or tiles if they think it is necessary.

Flooding and storm damage can be very overwhelming as the exterior and the interior of your home is destroyed. This is further made difficult when the water seeps into appliances and makes them dysfunctional. Moreover, tree branches and other debris forcefully shoved into your drain pipe during a thunderstorm compromises your drainage system, which can lead to sewage backups, overflowing toilets and other unpleasant emergencies.

Unfortunately, experiencing damage from devastating emergencies like a pipe burst or fire break out has a strong impact on you. It can leave you with pessimism regarding the restoration of your home/office, especially knowing that setting up a home is a lifelong process. It is difficult to envision starting from scratch again. Luckily, Ace Water Damage Restoration have made it their niche to completely restore your home or office to its pre-disaster form. They undertake every task from minor to major to get your premises running again. This includes repairing appliances like water heaters, refrigerators, HVAC units etc, mold removal, sanitizing, disinfecting, installing flooring/carpet and replacing any household hardware that is no longer usable. You can trust these professionals to surprise you with their expertise and dedication.

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